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World Osteoporosis Conference

The COLOSTEO partners, University of Thessaly and SALURIS organized a conference entitled "Modern Approach for the Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis". The event was held at 6:30p.m., on the 20th of October, 2021 at the Cultural and Research Center of Music-Museum Vassilis Tsitsanis, in Trikala.The conference was organised on the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day, in order to raise awareness in the local community about the disease and disseminateCOLOSTEO’s results.

The presenters and the subjects of their talks were the following:
- Greeting/Introduction
Yannis Koutendakis, Emeritus Professor, and Scientific Officer of COLOSTEO project.

- “Osteoporosis: a silent, chronic bone disease”
M.D. Repousis Alexandros - Paris, Orthopedic Surgeon

- “Bovine Colostrum as a Nutritional Supplement for preventing Osteoporosis”
Gizlis Vasilios, Family Doctor, General Practitioner
- “Feed your bones”
Papagiannopoulou Glykeria, MSc, Dietitian – Nutritionist

- “The contribution of exercise in the treatment of osteoporosis”
Kaltsatou Antonia, PhD, Clinical Occupational Physiologist

- “COLOSTEO Marketing plan”
Carlos Raposo by the Saluris Company

- “Oseo-Life by Saluris"

Javier Cuevas by the Saluris Company


- Comments and Questions from the audience

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