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SALURIS participated in COLOSTEO Project, framed in the Horizon 2020 activity of the European Union, together with our partners from Portugal and Greece, aimed at the creation of a nutritional supplement that prevents osteoporosis. The starting goal has been to exchange our knowledge, experiences and skills and thus improve our ability to address this challenge enriching us with shared competences both in research and innovation, and always focused on social benefit.

At the end of the Project, we can affirm that COLOSTEO has overcome the initial expectatives and has achieved an extraordinary symbiosis of effectiveness and efficiency between the Institutions that make up the consortium, obtaining good results in the academic, business and commercial fields. Proof of that is the fact that, based on rigorous laboratory studies published in high impact journals, and with an exhaustive business and marketing plan, we have been able to position the nutraceutical COLOSTEO in the market.

A remarkable fact is that the results of COLOSTEO open up new favorable expectations for society, with highly relevant benefits in the field of health in general and osteoporosis in particular. Certainly our Project has demonstrated its usefulness in the prevention of a disease such as osteoporosis, with a high incidence and prevalence among the citizens of the European Union.

From SALURIS NETWORK we are especially proud of having achieved solid links with companies and universities from other neighboring and friendly countries, and to promote the expectations of European citizenship.

We are willing to extend our collaboration in future projects.

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