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Osteoporosis is a chronic disease that affects millions of people around the globe. COLOSTEO is a research project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020, which aims to create an innovative nutritional product based on colostrum to prevent osteoporosis.

The aim of the study we conducted in BME, was to investigate whether bovine colostrum supplementation can improve bone health in humans. Having this goal, we defined a protocol controlling as many as factors as possible such as the bone health of each participant, the age, the sex, and the interaction of bone health with other metabolic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, etc. This study opened a new path for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis with natural, non-invasive means.

Through the COLOSTEO project our staff members increased their knowledge and gained intersectorial skills, which improved employability and career perspectives in Europe.

New and lasting research collaborations were built, which increased the transfer of knowledge and skills between academic and industrial sectors and helped us realize the research and innovation potential of the European Union.

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