Osteoporosis constitutes a major public health concern. The economic burden of osteoporotic fractures in EU is expected to increase 25% by 2025 compared to 2010. These estimates may indicate an inefficiency of current drugs for osteoporosis. Actually, the use of pharmacological agents for osteoporosis has been decreasing in EU, probably due to the reported side effects. Therefore, there is a need for innovative agents to reduce the burden of osteoporosis. The COLOSTEO project will build on the complementary expertise of research and industrial partners through knowledge sharing between sectors.

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New products for osteoporosis:is there an alternative to pharmacological agents?

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The effects of bovine colostrum in bone metabolism using animal model for osteoporosis.

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Osteoporosis constitutes a major public health concern. Worldwide, an osteoporotic fracture is estimated to occur every 3 seconds, which amounts to almost 9 million per year. These fractures cost 38.5 billion EUR per year in Europe. Osteoporosis could be a huge financial burden on Europe's health services over the next decade.

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